Philippe Lemm -drums 
Angelo Di Loreto- Piano 
Jeff Koch –Bass

1 professional PA system with phantom power

Preferably Steinway, model D or B // Bosendorfer or Yamaha concert Grand or Model C7, F6 orF4. 
to be tuned before the performance. 
piano bench. 
Piano For medium and large rooms, the piano should go through the P.A. Usually, two good quality, well-placed condenser microphones are suffcient. Additionally, a proximity dynamic mic or transducer may be used if more power or compactness is required.

Drum Set: If possible 
20"x14" bass drum or 18" bassdrum 
14"x14" floor Tom (with legs) 
12"x 8" rack tom 
14" wood snare drum 
Drum throne (round type preferred not "saddle" type) Hi-hat stand with "clutch" 
Snare stand 
4 cymbal stands (2 of which being boom stands) White coated Remo "ambassador" heads on all drums (need not be brand new heads but must be in good condition)

1 music stand

Bass: - If possible, 
Either 3/4 or 7/8 size carved wood bass. with steel strings, adjustable bridge, and pickup (or other 
means of amplification. ie, microphone system). 
Amplifier: a self-contained amplifier, OR an amplifier head 
andspeaker combination. In all cases, the speaker should be min 12 inch, with a minimal power of 100W RMS.

General sound estetics 
sound – the music of the trio needs low level sound volumes, warm and natural sounds 
dynamics - the musicians play using a large dynamic range, which they control themselves on stage. Please do not try to balance or control the dynamics using the P.A. during the performance and do not use any aggressive compressors or gates ! 
reverb - if the room is very dry, a slight reverb may be used on the piano and on the drums if necessary, this should only be to give a little more space to the sound.

Tech Rider Philippe Lemm Trio 
+1 646-472-4537

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